Acknowledgments: Slicer 4

To acknowledge 3D Slicer as a platform, please cite the Slicer web site ( and the following publication when publishing work that uses or incorporates 3D Slicer. Many of the modules are based on individual algorithms. The module documentation page typically provides a reference.

People And Their Roles


Funding Sources

Neuroimage Analysis Center
P41 EB015902 and P41 RR13218 (until 12-2011) (PI: Kikinis)
Quantitative Image Informatics for Cancer Research (QIICR) U24 CA180918 (PI: Kikinis and Fedorov)
National Alliance for Medical Image Computing
U54 EB005149 (PI: Kikinis)
National Center for Image-Guided Therapy
P41 EB015898, previously RR019703 (PI: Jolesz)
1U01CA151261-01 (PI: Fennessy)
ARRA supplement to NAC: Qt port, EM Segmenter, Annotations
NCI academia-industry partnership R01 CA138419-01 (PI: Wells and Aylward)
“Cognitive and Functional Brain Changes in Preclinical Huntington’s Disease (HD)” (HD-fMRI; NS054893)
“Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington's Disease” (PREDICT-HD; NS40068)

Slicer 4.0 home page image acknowledgements

1 Grow-Cut Algorithm in Slicer's Interactive Editor Module. Image provided by Dr. Steven Pieper, BWH.
2 Volume Rendering Module. Image provided by Dr. Ron Kikinis, BWH.
3 Endoscopy Module: early navigation experiments in bronchoscopy. Image provided by Dr. Jayender Jagadeesan, BWH.
4 Automatic segmentation algorithm result for breast DCE MRI; the tumor is outlined by an expert radiologist. Image provided by Dr. Jayender Jagadeesan, BWH.
5 Prostate multiparametric MRI visualization. Image provided by Dr. Andriy Fedorov, BWH.
6 Using an ROI to crop streamlines from a whole brain tractography. The streamlines display color by orientation, the ellipsoids are displaying fractional anisotropy. Note the deformation of the corpus callosum fibers. Image provided by Dr. Ron Kikinis, BWH.
7 Live Endoscopy Module. Image provided by Dr. Steven Pieper, BWH.
8 Screenshot of the Live Ultrasound Display Module. Image provided by Dr. Andras Lasso, Queens University. Details ...

Slicer Programming

Slicer is built on an open source software infrastructure based on the NA-MIC Kit and consisting of the following elements:


Software Tools to Support Software Engineering Methodology

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